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Welcome to Docifish

Docifish Corporation was born as an inevitable development trend of the aquatic feed, farming, aquatic processing and exports business. Despite the fluctuant difficulties of Vietnam's seafood industry, Docifish bravely invest under the predetermined strategy and business plan, this is evident through the expansion of business activities of the company.

Docifish aquatic processing factory has established and operated since 2003 and is certified in accordance with standards of quality management and international food safety and hygiene such as HACCP, ISO 9001 : 2008, HALAL , BRC, Global Gap, ASC ...

Docifish has been awarded the titles: Vietnam Gold Star, The National Famous Brands, ISO Gold Cup... Docifish was voted as one of the ten reputable manufacturers by Spanish consumers in 2010. We export to many countries and regions in the world such as EU, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Middle East, Brazil, and Asian countries.

Docifish have integrated production system with value chain of safety, friendly environment products, and sustainable development. Docifish will continue to promote the development of the company.

Docifish Corporation officially established on 01/01/2011, promises to bring a new wind in the aquatic processing industry. Company leaders firmly steer Docifish towards an important mission, building Docifish deserve the title of "Quality Products for Life".